I’m Headed to Europe!!!

Yeah, I know it’s June but this is the most “I’m getting up outta here” pic of me I could easily access…lol.
Photo: Nasilele Photography

So I actually knew for a while that I was going to be in Europe next month—I have this thing where I typically don’t announce stuff until it’s actually happening—as in right-that-second happening. It’s because: 1. I don’t want to jinx things and 2. it’s something I kind of adapted to when I was a financial sales person (yeah, I did the finance thing for a bit) where one of our sales trainers told us that whenever we sign a big ticket—like $250,000 or more—to act like we sign big tickets ALL THE TIME. Don’t be going in there salivating and super-hyped over a sale because it makes you look like an amateur and what client continues to let an amateur handle even more of their money? I mean, if there was one thing I let carry over from that sub-prime mortgage, kill-the-economy world, it was that…lol.

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