I Had My 13 Yr Old Nephew Here for 3 Weeks and Now I TOTALLY Think I Can Parent…


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So before I embarked on a nearly three-week trip around Europe, my thirteen-year-old nephew from Georgia came to stay with me for three weeks. Now while a lot of teens would rather watch paint dry than to be with their aunties for nearly a month, my nephew was happy because I’m fun as fuck so he considered it an honor. OK, well, I think he would have been happy being with anyone from the family really as long as he got to be in the big city of New York…lol. But I am cool—kinda :/

ANYWAY, so this nephew is not my first time around the rodeo with watching kids. His older siblings were also victims of my baby-sitting…lol. But I knew how to make bottles, change diapers, burp a baby, etc before I graduated high school so there’s that. I should probably add that to resume.

But this kid is 13 so there isn’t much I really need to do, but he has type 1 diabetes (the kind where your body produces little to no insulin which can result in high blood sugar if you don’t take insulin) AND he’s like a mouse and eats EVERYTHING but you don’t actually see him eating everything, so I have to make sure I’m aware of what he’s eating and if he checked his blood sugar and took insulin. Problem though is my attention span is low. And at 13, kids are at the age where of course they want more independence but they’re still kids so you have to find a good balance between monitoring them and allowing them to take on responsibilities. Plus, they can be mean-agers. You can’t even take some of the stuff personal or you will be up in your feelings but at the same time you can’t just bark at them and expect them to fall in line. My nephew was also diagnosed with Asperger’s—a mild form of autism that affects social interactions—a few years ago. So with family and close friends he’s able to socialize well because he’s comfortable with us, but when it comes to new people or strangers, it can sometimes be a little difficult. You can read more about it here. I of course have hung out with my nephew before during many visits to my family in Georgia, but this was the first time it was basically just me and him so I got to interact with him a whole lot more. Those three weeks made me a lot more sensitive to my interactions with other people—we can’t be so quick to dismiss people as “weird” or whatever negative connotation off the bat—sometimes there may be something they can’t control or something that may impair them. I’d hate for anyone to treat my nephew poorly and immediately dismiss him because he may not interact like everyone else. Which is scary especially in this racist world we live in (I mean, it’s always been that way it’s just now social media allows us to see it way more) and I fear that if he makes a move or gesture some racist misinterprets, he could be like Tamir Rice. We went to visit my other sister and he forgot something in the house so he went back but he rang the wrong doorbell. It’s heartbreaking that something as innocent as that could end in tragedy like it did for Renisha McBride.

I’m in tears now just thinking about it.

My nephew is a very smart, sweet, and amazing kid. He’s funny, creative, and kind. You may have to hide groceries from him and ration them out, but he’s my homey. I took him around NYC going to all sorts of tourist-y things I’d NEVER do. Blowing all kinds of cash on museums and what not. Going through my rolodex of friends to see who has kids his age so he’d have people close to his age to hang out with. I cried when he had to leave (I mean, I’m crying now thinking about it…lol) and I didn’t want him to go. I wondered many times if my sister and her husband would notice if I didn’t send him back. I reasoned that they have two other kids so my sister could share…lol.

The three weeks he was here I learned a lot about patience, discipline, and unconditional love. I’ve always wanted kids of my own but I always felt like I was still a kid myself (a really OVERGROWN 30+ kid) but now I feel “ready.” I LOVE kids and kids love me. Seriously, almost anywhere I go kids seem to find a way to find me and smile or giggle or whatever. And kids I know a little more (like my friends’ kids) LOOOOOOOVE me.

I even feel like I want them within the next three years. A dog, too. Ohhh and a cat. I just need to get a husband. While in Europe I REALLY felt like I could find my husband during an international trip or something—we date for a year or so, get engaged, get married and then get to work on #DEMBABIES. Whether I birth ’em or adopt ’em, my troop soon cometh. I guess I should sign up for e-Harmony or something. Lawd, I did the internet dating thing before and one time it was fun and the other time (last year) I kept running into duds. It just wasn’t my time.

But don’t you folks come sliding up into my emails and DM holding any of this against me. This is why I typically keep my plans to myself, but I want to share more, so please be cool 🙂

OK—dassit for now. Talk more soon!

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