I’m Headed to Europe!!!

Yeah, I know it’s June but this is the most “I’m getting up outta here” pic of me I could easily access…lol.
Photo: Nasilele Photography

So I actually knew for a while that I was going to be in Europe next month—I have this thing where I typically don’t announce stuff until it’s actually happening—as in right-that-second happening. It’s because: 1. I don’t want to jinx things and 2. it’s something I kind of adapted to when I was a financial sales person (yeah, I did the finance thing for a bit) where one of our sales trainers told us that whenever we sign a big ticket—like $250,000 or more—to act like we sign big tickets ALL THE TIME. Don’t be going in there salivating and super-hyped over a sale because it makes you look like an amateur and what client continues to let an amateur handle even more of their money? I mean, if there was one thing I let carry over from that sub-prime mortgage, kill-the-economy world, it was that…lol.

I knew I’d be heading to Sweden to attend the TBEX conference (it’s a conference for travel bloggers) because I already bought my one-way ticket to Stockholm (duh…lol), but today I got news that I’ll also be headed to Germany as well. I’m SO excited for this trip because this year has been ROUGH (okay, maybe rough in a #firstworldproblems kind of way) and because I really love travel. Living the freelance life the past six years may have given me times of financial burden (working on 30-60-90 day invoices is TOUGH yo) and also may give me a bit of social anxiety (like when my friends from high school and college are married with mortgages and kids and stuff and I’m only now getting cool stuff for my home office…lol) BUT being a writer has also allowed me to have the opportunity to travel and thank goodness for press trips. Folks think this blogging full time and freelance stuff is glamorous but GUUUUUUURL. We’ll get into that one day…lol.

I’m going to be traveling with some amazing ladies I met on another press trip I went to last November in Ecuador—I can’t wait because those ladies were SO MUCH FUN. Like I mentioned, so far I’ll be in Sweden and Germany but since travel is pretty flexible once you already get to Europe, I’m also planning to see what else I can get into. I haven’t been to Paris yet and that’s on our planning list but I’m also open to going wherever they want to go up to my budget. Because I’m mad flexible like that—I just want to see cool stuff…lol.

On a press trip last year to Düsseldorf for their Carnival. The girl to my right (Round the World Girl) is STILL the homey—see this is another reason why I LOVE press trips—I meet the coolest people

I’ll be visiting Hamburg and Berlin which I’m obviously super pumped about. I visited Düsseldorf last year and said to myself then that I really wanted to see more of Germany and now BOOM! (I’m also into talking things into existence—we’ll get into that more here later—in the meantime check out my How to Create a Vision Board video on my Youtube channel)

I’ve already decided I’m packing SUPER LIGHT because if I have to fly one of those budget airlines, they will not be catching me with oversized baggage fees (nor will I be in the airport throwing away panties and foundations just to make weight requirements…lol). Besides, if push comes to shove, I’ll be in the land of H&M and can easily grab something. Plus there’s a gazillion other cool stores and boutiques. I may try to do just carry-on at least for the flight going in.

Flying back home from Düsseldorf last year thanks to airberlin. Hey, I may get paid late on invoices, but every now and then I get to do cool things like this…lol

We’ll talk more about this soon—I’ll have the updates and recaps from the trip and all that over on my The Style and Beauty Doctor blog and social channels so stay tuned for that in the coming months.

But for now, PEACE!

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