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I’m Danielle. I’m from Queens. You might know me from my other blog I’ve been running for what will be a decade next year: The Style and Beauty Doctor. I’ve been over there styling and beauty doctoring and doing my thing, but I wanted to also have another space to write about random things I want to write about. I’ve had this personal blog before—in fact I have NO CLUE what happened to the files from the other personal blog, but ah well.

ANYWAY, sometimes I would just put my personal blog posts on The Style and Beauty Doctor because I was like #minuswell, but over the past few days there’s been so many things I wanted to talk about that didn’t really fit The Style and Beauty Doctor and I’m not that good with summing up my thoughts on Twitter even with the threading feature, so here we are!

I’ll probably talk about a mix of my personal goings-on as a single woman in her 30s scratching and surviving and what not. I’m self-employed and have been for the last six years and a good majority of my neighbors have NO clue what I do, so there’s lots of fun things to be discussed there. There’s also some The Style and Beauty Doctor off-duty things I may get into here as well, but I’d REALLY love to discuss current events, politics, race, random stuff like WHY DO THINGS COST SO DAMN MUCH, recaps/discussions of TV shows I like, and maybe a little celebrity stuff here and there. Whatever moves me is what will pretty much be here until I guess maybe down the line I figure out a theme or niche or something. I want this to be less pressure than my other blog so I’ll probably be over here with unkempt edges and wearing the same outfit for weeks on end…lol.

So follow along! Or don’t…lol. Your choice. I’ll be over here updating whether people read or not. I started social profiles as well so there is SOME semblance of me sticking around here, so make sure you follow me:

TWITTER: @DfromQueens
INSTAGRAM: DaniellefromQueens
FACEBOOK: DaniellefromQueens

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    1. I’m DYING! You are SOOOO dumb with this Numba 1 mess…lol. You get to hear all the random stuff alluh time anyway so now it’s in writing…lol.

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